Chur Associates – “CASTLE”


Rustic Professionalism

To be rustic, is an old adage, that defines a rugged and resilient spirit, evoking simplicity and ingenuity.  The ever-shifting hues of the desert sands and canyon walls are harmonious.  A combination of smooth finishes and unpolished surfaces is an arresting contrast that tightens the look, and keeps the space cohesive with rustic notes.  Fluidity flows throughout the three floors, keeping the lines of communication open with the various departments, the quiet ‘retreat’ spaces, the open boardroom, all strategically placed on the rooftop level.  The link is created by the tall trees spanning all the levels in the air well that lets natural light in during the day, an energy saving approach which is essential.  An impressive and conducive work place that has a sense of connection to the past that’s hard to resist but appropriately adheres to what is called the “CASTLE’.