D’Club Bier Garten

Lounge/Entertainment Outlet Kuala Lumpur

Venues of Distinction

Encased with glass panellings and walls that offered a “360-degree” view of unobstructed settings, leading from its enclosed interior to the outdoor seating area, the 4,000 sq ft. entertainment outlet boasts heavy sophisticated enclosed interiors that mixes the unconventional setting with tables of varying seating capacities, string curtains and a signature multi-curved back-lit bar console that plays brilliantly as its centerpiece. With the exception of the translucent bar shelving that is visible at all angles inclusive of views from its al-fresco area, there is a stark and unfamiliar absence of defined zone areas.

The intelligent utilisation of an extensive network of lightings, both as a mood setter as well as invincible zoning walls aided in enveloping the venue with an enlarged feel of floorspace. Coupled with neutral-coloured flooring and circular plaster ceiling overhangs, the highly sophisticated overall theme of the venue has been given a light treatment of elitism with strategically placed objets d’art and decoratives that a spread throughout its nooks and corners.