SOHO Central Residence S1

SHOW UNIT (TYPE S1) Kuala Lumpur

Creative Differences

While most constrains of space may prove to be a hindrance to the creativity of modern interior design, the astute use of detailed elements that enhances the feel and conceptualisation of space management plays utmost importance between creative success and polarised failure.

Here, the ingenius use of glass panelling and light blue tones are given their specific zones through the use of backlight, glass tables and fine sophisticated furnishings albeit keeping certain elements of natural-like warmth to enhance the feel of a proper home.

The wide use of lucid warm lightings throughout almost all zones of the unit aids to add elements of intricate sophistication as well as maintaining a uniformity of look and feel, blended effortlessly.

In contrast, the kitchen is given a sleek and ultra-modern metropolitan treatment with extensive use of metallic elements and streamlined designer set furnishings as an enhancer to the overall thematic feel of  the ambiance.