SOHO Central Residence A2

SHOW UNIT (TYPE A2) Kuala Lumpur

Uber Luxuries

The prestigious SOHO Central Residence in the heart of Kuala Lumpur blends the intricacies of boldness with sophistication that is quite unlike the norm. The classical timber finishing embellished by the customized dining setting is subtly horned by the inclusion of a stone table top separating the dining area proper from the kitchen.

Leading onwards, the main passageway flows through the open living area accentuated with posh signatures of a plush grand sofa, a delicate coffee table that sits snugly on an uber-grade designer carpet. The robust aura of this quarter is capped by the introduction of a magnificent and eye-catching original art overhang.

Privacy amidst the comfort and luxury in the bedrooms are detailed in the intimate space created with warm colours, heavy drapes laced with champagne-coloured sheers for the master bedroom and a minimalist effect of a handsome second bedroom as illustrated with dark grained elements.

An Automated ceiling height glass door separating the study from the other quarters creates a showcase of ultra-modern sophistication and chicness.